Company Profile

DORMAK Import-Export, Representation and Consulting Trade Inc. was established in 1984 and its registered office is in Ankara.

Dormak is a company offering wide range of services to meet the needs of defense, security, communication and avionics of the Ministry of National Defense, all the commands and establishments of the Turkish Armed Forces, Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, Ministry of Transportation, Maritime and Communication and any public and private organizations and companies located in the Republic of Turkey and conducting civil aviation activities.

Dormak is aware of the requirement for sharing its experiences gained over the years with its customers and suppliers for the supply and demand to overlap in an optimum level, which are formed through analyzing correctly the priorities, needs and conditions of the procurement authorities and the companies for which consultancy, representation and distribution activities are conducted.

In addition to meeting the requirements of the companies for representation and consultancy, Dormak has also carried out various investment and coproduction projects with an approach to promote and encourage such companies to make investments in Turkey.

Our company has the required infrastructure with both accumulation of knowledge and skilled personnel for foreign investors/manufacturers to carry out their activities in Turkey, particularly in Market Analysis, Sales Management, After Sales Support Operations, Investigating and Realizing Cooperation/Coproduction Possibilities and Domestic Added Value/Offset Issues. The fact that we have carried out many successful operations in such fields constitutes a feeling of trust in presenting a total solution both to the procurement authorities and the companies we work for, concerning our future work.

Dormak, with a technical, commercial and administrative personnel structure, all proved themselves in their specialities, has justified pride of offering its knowledge, infrastructure and speciality to the requiring authorities, domestic and foreign companies as a trust and stability symbol from the first day so for today.