About Dorsan

Dorsan is established in 1999 with the aim of meeting overseas material needs of Turkish Armed Forces, State Institutions and Organizations, and repairing the spare parts, which currently exist in their inventory, and used in the systems and engines.

Since the establishment, our company provides qualified service in spare parts procurement with its dedicated and experienced project managers who prioritizes employing customer oriented approaches and working in conjunction with high tech leading manufacturers. Our customers have direct access to our team of experienced professionals who deliver customized solutions professionally and timely as they deserve.

Our company devotes itself to satisfying our client’s utmost needs and assuring the product given is the very best. Our company’s reliability, which differs us from the other companies of the Defense Industry, is based on the good long term relationships and exclusive agreements that we have established with the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). DORSAN procures the required materials directly and only from the OEM sources and provides guarantee of the genuine manufacturers and suppliers to the parts procured
through our guidance.

Products and Services

Our company provides qualified service in spare parts procurement and in addition to procurement services, we are offering training, repair, revision and overhaul services, test stands and technical manuals. Regarding the repair services, we carry and use only the highest quality genuine OEM parts within the guidance of the original manufacturers.

Dorsan briefly concentrates on F-16, F-4, F-5, C-130, CN-235, CH-47, UH-60 aircrafts, Skorksy helicopters, F110, J79, J85, T56, CT7, JT15, engines, and GCA, AN/MPN- 14 K, AN/MPN 25 RAPCON systems.

We offer supply and repair of a wide range of aircraft and helicopter components and rotables; however, some of the sources we provide are listed below:

  • Actuators and Servos
  • Air Conditioning and Environmental Control Systems
  • Air Turbine Starters
  • Aircraft Barrier Systems
  • Aircraft Lighting Systems
  • Anti Skid Systems
  • Auxiliary Power Units
  • Ball Screws, Actuators
  • Cabin Pressure Control Systems
  • Constant Speed Drives (CSD), Gear Boxes and ADGs
  • Emergency Power Systems
  • Engine Accessories and Parts
  • Engine Built Up Units
  • Engine Controls
  • Engine Mounted Valves
  • Fans, Sensors and Valves
  • Fuel Control Systems, HMUs
  • Generators and Converters
  • Ground Support Equipment
  • Guidance and Navigation Systems
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Hoists and Winches
  • Hydraulic & Pneumatic Test Equipment and Test Stations
  • Hydraulic Pumps
  • Oil Coolers, Fuel Coolers, Air Coolers
  • Power Management Systems
  • Secondary Power Systems
  • Survival Equipment and Systems
  • Canopies and Transparencies

Dorsan Space & Aerospace Defence Industry Contracting & Trade Co.


   Borazan Sok. No:9/4 06700 GOP
Ankara Turkey

Correspondence Address

   Mahatma Gandhi Cad. No:22 06700 GOP
Ankara Turkey


   +90 312 446 97 86

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